Talent Concept

Good Judgment, Recommendation

(1) Recruit personnel who meet the company strategy and cultural concept

(2) Introduction of like-minded people

(3) Choose the right person to the right position

(4) Provide systematic training to promote capacity development of employees

(5) Conduct regular job competency evaluation

(6) Make tailored professional channel design

(7) Provide material and spiritual incentives based on evaluation

(8) Eliminate incompetent and delinquent personnel

Scientific And Smooth Career Development System

    The company has established a career development system based on the frame of “management line + professional line dual channel” development channel, employee development plan, job competency model, professional level certification, first-line skill level certification to help the employees grow rapidly.

Perfect Training System

    To facilitate employee growth, the company has provided employees with various growth channels and platforms from many aspects: establish a professional Taier training college, build an online learning platform, establish long-term cooperation with well-known universities, organize excellent employees for outdoor development, establish “four major plans” for talent development, learn from excellent domestic and foreign companies, etc.

Competitive Compensation System

    Compensation strategy: two leadings, one fairness.

    External leading: industry leading, regional leading.

    Internal fairness: implement the Mercer 3P compensation system (posts, capabilities, performance) to ensure internal fairness. 

Rich And Complete Welfare System

    Organize various employee activities: annual meeting, family day, team building activities, various ball games, etc.

    Provide free accommodation, gym, sports venue, commuter shuttle, etc.

Long-term Effective Incentive System

    Provide rich equity incentives to core employees and managers, meanwhile, establish an incentive mechanism based year-end profit distribution, annual excellent employee selection, special incentive (production PK, technical evaluation, marketing performance results sharing), cumulative incentive plan, etc., establish a long-term effective incentive system and facilitate common development of the company and employees.

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