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CNC machining center tool selection and use

source: time:2019-10-23 09:11:44

The control system of CNC machining center is an important part of high-speed machining center. It determines the machining speed, accuracy and surface quality of the machine to a large extent. CNC machining generally refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring milling machine, etc. The feed path of finish machining is basically carried out along the contour sequence of its parts. Therefore, the key work of determining the feed path is to determine the feed path of rough machining and empty stroke. Therefore, the performance of CNC system is of great significance to CNC high-speed machine tools for machining free-form surfaces of dies (Title: industrial mother)

When machining high-precision free-form surfaces, the tool path composed of micro straight lines and arcs results in a huge part program. These data flows need to be stored and processed by the machine control system. Therefore, the processing time of the program section is an important indicator of the efficiency of the CNC machining center control system. At present, the program processing time of the control system of high-grade CNC machining center is generally up to 0.5ms (such as itnc530 CNC system of Haidehan), while that of individual CNC system has been shortened to 0.2-0.4ms.

The modern CNC system applied to the high-speed machining of mould (Title: industrial mother) should have the functions of NURBS and spline interpolation besides the processing time of very short program necessary to ensure the high-speed feed speed, and can work with nanometer resolution, so as to obtain high machining accuracy (accuracy) and surface quality under the condition of high-speed machining. NC machining is a process method of machining parts on NC machine tools. The process procedures of NC machine tools and traditional machine tools are generally consistent, but there are also obvious changes. The machining method of controlling the displacement of parts and tools with digital information. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batch, complex shape, high precision and to realize high efficiency and automatic machining.

At present, high-grade CNC systems can also be connected with CAD / CAM systems of different manufacturers. Data is transmitted from CAD / CAM system to control system through Ethernet at a high speed. The integration of CAD / CAM into the control system, to a large extent, can make the processing of the complex contour of the die (Title: industrial mother) obtain good results, and make a very important contribution to reducing the adjustment time and programming time.

Tool selection and use in machining center

In order to improve the efficiency of the machining center, the machining center is expensive and expensive to use. In NC machining, the control system sends out instructions to make the cutter move in a variety of required movements, and to represent the shape and size of the workpiece in the form of numbers and letters and other technical requirements and machining process requirements. It generally refers to the process of machining parts on CNC machine tools. In order to improve the degree of production automation, shorten the programming time and reduce the cost of NC machining, a series of advanced NC machining technologies have been developed and used in the aerospace industry. The cutter should not only have high accuracy, good rigidity, convenient clamping and adjustment, but also have strong cutting performance and high durability. This paper puts forward some principles that should be followed in the selection and use of machining center tools from the angle of practical machining.

CNC milling machine is developed on the basis of general milling machine. CNC milling machine is an automatic machining machine controlled by procedure.